NetSoft System for Temperature Monitoring Remotely

NetSoft Co. offers a unique system for site’s temperature remotely monitoring in Iraq. The temperature is measured by a high accuracy digital thermometer. This system is very useful for both refrigerator stores and cars. The system obtains the data from temperature sensor also from door and electricity sensors. It stores the data directly in database. The system provides you full information about your sites or cold stores.
Temperature monitoring system is valuable for cold rooms such as ice cream store, dairy store, meat store, frightened store, medicine store and others.

The most important benefits of the system

* Monitor and follow up information on your mobile phone (IOS-Android) as well as through the computer (Windows) and also you can follow it on the web
* Know the live temperature of the site or refrigerator

* Warning if the temperature went out of the specified limits
Know the live status of the door (open or closed) via door sensor
* Warning when the store room door opened or closed
* Immediate warning of cutting and returning of store room electricity.
* Site temperature reports and graphs.

* Know the status of the electricity of the site
* Electricity voltage graphs.
* Door condition graph.