E-Learning Services

E-learning systems services with NetSoft

Education is the lifeblood of communities, and educational systems One of the components of educational life and the systems is not only to bring information and data to students, but also how to bring, confirm and evaluate this information.
So e-learning systems have always begun to look for new tools and methods to improve the learning process. One of these methods is e-learning, which has spread as a modern and important tool through the spread of the Internet and its use for several purposes such as achieving greater outreach to the educational organization and reaching more students.
From here started NetSoft as the first company in the Kurdistan region to provide learning and e-learning services to support educational organizations in the region.

E-learning Departments

Simultaneous Education

The lecturers and students are present at the same time and communicate directly, but not necessarily physically.

Asynchronous Education

It is not necessary for the lecturer and students to be present at the same time or place.

The most important features of e-learning systems

Flexibility and appropriate:
The educational systems ensure easy and quick access between the student and the lecturer at any time and anywhere and facilitate the follow-up of students.
time saving:
Educational systems allow individuals to organize their time according to lectures and give them a quick link to courses and activities.
Cut costs:
Educational systems reduce the cost of travel and living on individuals and provide the cost of courses and offices and the loss of time on the organization.
Communication and interaction:
Educational systems provide communication and interaction between students and lecturers through online tutorials and also provide an environment for study anywhere, anytime.