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Information Technology Services (IT)

  1. Hardware: Providing Information Technology (IT) equipment for all institutions and companies such as laptops, computers, surveillance cameras, printers, scanners, fingerprints, mice, etc
  2. Software: Providing licenses for Windows, Microsoft Office, Adobe, Anti-Virus, etc

IT Services and Solutions

  1. When carrying out any work, companies or individuals face several problems or struggle to carry out their work. To find a modern solution and simplify work and to digitalize work through information technology, contact us to discuss issues with an expert IT team to provide consulting and problem solving and provide solution systems through information technology.
  2. Providing information technology (IT) solutions such as installation and development of websites and applications with very high quality and affordable, as well as providing Internet of Things (IOT) systems such as GPS tracking systems.

Fleet Monitoring and Tracking System (GPS)

NetSoft System for tracking, monitoring and managing vehicles though monitoring drivers offers great economic benefits. It is able to provide direct monitoring or tracking of vehicles over a period of time. GPS is not only about tracking but also about intelligent tracking with analysis of vehicle and engine activity. To guarantee the correct operation of the system for the safety of vehicles, despite the fact that all vehicles are under direct supervision and awareness, for these purposes our company provides high quality GPS devices


The Tracking system is used to monitor:

  1. Vehicles
  2. Engines (eg. Generators and Machinery) and managing its services
  3. Driver Activities and Behaviors (IVMS)
  4. Childs and many kinds of illnesses
  5. Warehouse temperature (eg. Cool-Room warehouse)
  6. Medical Cool Box.

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NetSoft works in several areas of information technology, especially in providing vehicle tracking services. And it has great experience in tracking systems. Since 2012